About Us

We’re a close-knit team of Facebook advertising specialists based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Separately, we have years of work under our belt working on front-line marketing, advertising, digital ads, lead generation and social media. Together it amounts to about 30 years of accumulated knowledge.

So we’re not new to this. 

But we’re ambitious. We don’t want to be just another lead generation agency, scrapping around for clients, taking whoever will work with us, being a jack of all trades…

Yet we knew from our own experience working in numerous agencies that this is exactly what they do.

We quickly learned that most marketing agencies aren’t choosy about who they work with.

Their clients are real estate agents, beauticians, personal trainers, dentists, dog groomers, hypnotists (we’re not kidding!), kitchen designers, lawyers, fast food restaurants… anyone and everyone, basically. 

And they’ll try their hand at any platform. They’ll do email marketing, Google ads, Instagram, blogging, LinkedIn ads, content, ebooks… Whatever you prefer. 

If you don’t know what you prefer, they’d recommend the one that suited them. 

And that turns out to be the main problem with agencies

Because they work with anyone the agency never develops a deep understanding of any industry. All clients look the same to them. 

And because they spread themselves so thinly across all marketing platforms they never become expert on any of them.

Instead, they apply a standard, basic strategy to your firm regardless of who you are, the goals you’re pursuing – or the difficulties you’ve faced so far. 

In agency-land one size has to fit all because they only know one size. 

We knew we were not going to put up with that any more 

We’d already had some really satisfying successes in the construction industry. 

And, especially, we’d hit upon some really effective Facebook strategies for locating high-grade leads for residential roofing companies. 

So we had a meeting and we realised we really were pretty good at securing new, paid business for roofing companies. 

We could do it consistently and we had great feedback from companies we’d worked with. Clearly, that’s where our strengths lay. 

So we made the decision: no more working with any Tom, Dick or Harry. No more being amateurs at every ads platform under the sun. 

Instead, we would work only with roofing companies, only those operating in the USA. And we’d use the one ads platform that we knew would deliver powerful returns for low ad costs. 

So in 2017 we dropped the hairdressers, the accountants, the drainage firms and the whole array of clients we could work with. Instead, we became roofing leads specialists – helping the clients we wanted to work with. 

Our agency became super-narrow in its focus – but also really good at its work

We only find leads for residential roofing companies – nobody else. 

We only serve roofers in the USA – nowhere else. 

We only use Facebook – the best lead generation platform for roofers – and nothing else. 

And because we’ve specialised so narrowly for so many years we’ve become really, really good at what we do. 

As the numbers, dollars and testimonials from our clients will attest!

Your HomeService team

Max Perzon

I’m a self-confessed ads geek – I’ll spend hours refining audience factors in order to gain a slight improvement in the audience we’re presenting our ads to. I love split testing everything to see what works best. And then when I know what works best I try to beat it.
Outside of work you could find me working out at my local gym, swimming or playing golf with my dad and cousin. To wind down I go for walks with my Irish Terrier, Oscar. 
And, now the lockdowns are over, I’m looking to travel a bit more. First stop: New York!

Niklas Johnson
Senior Media Buyer

I never liked working with agencies until I met Max. I take my work very seriously and I want to use my hard-won skills to help other people build their businesses. This small team focuses intensely on just US roofing businesses – pushing them hard into new growth spurts that end up creating bigger, better enterprises. That’s the kind of work I love!
When I’m not working (or thinking about work) I hike, swim, meditate; I cook Indian food and I’ve just started learning to play chess. At the moment, I’m really bad at it! 

Henrik Gustafsson
Media Buyer

We started working together a good few years back now and we got some great results in the construction industry. But roofing was where we really did some special work – and got some great results. We’re specialists in the roofing industry now and I really love how well our efforts turn into new business for our clients! 
Outside of work I am an avid runner and do at least two marathons a year. I spend a bit too much time watching Netflix – although I think the running makes up for that!

Gary Monro
Sales Copywriter

Years ago I worked as a salesman and marketer in the construction industry in London. So working with Max was an easy transformation and the focus we bring by working in just one industry – residential roofers – really pays off for our clients. 
When I’m not writing I’m often reading – novels, Stoic philosophy, poetry – or running. I also enjoy beating Niklas at chess!

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