How to Keep Running a Home Services Business During the Coronavirus Crisis


Like most other businesses, operations in the home services industry have fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic. Employees can’t keep the same office hours, and in some cases, even show up to work, and customers no longer know how to request and pay for services.

Fortunately, businesses like have discovered new ways to beat recent events: all you need to do to keep your home services company running is to implement strong safety and sanitation measures. Let’s look at how you can do that:

1. Review OSHA Safety Standards

OSHA safety standards are designed to ensure safety in the workplace, which makes them a great place to start. If you don’t remember the regulations, brush up on them and implement them in your place of business. Additionally, don’t forget to enforce the current measures, such as washing hands regularly, wearing makes, and disinfecting surfaces.

2. Eliminate Contact Payment

Customers are growing more and more weary of handling credit cards or touching interactive screens to make payments. To protect both you and them, implement a system that sends invoices through text or email and allow them to pay through in-built links.

3. Let Sick Employees Skip Work

If an employee comes down with any illness, even a common cold,let them stay home and recover. While it may seem costly to give you staff sick days off, both you and the community could pay a higher price if the employee had the virus all along. You could even face legal charges for denying them a sick leave.

4. Utilize Government Incentives and Programs

If your business cannot shoulder the cost of keeping operations running or paying your staff, research the relief efforts being offered by your state and local government. You should also check out the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan program.

5. Reduce Office Hours

If possible, let your office staff, account managers, and sales team work from home. This approach will help comply with the current orders, take care of their families, and reduce the spread of the disease.

6. Notify Your Customers of New Practices

Customers, like you and your employees, are in panic mode and it will help them to know that you are working to protect them. Use your company website, text messaging number, email, and social media handles to inform them of your safety protocols from cleanliness measures to new operating hours.

7. Always Wear Gloves

When you have gloves on, you are less likely to touch your eyes, mouth, and nose, or even greet people. Wearing gloves also reduces your chances of spreading the virus across surfaces as you go about your work, so you should do so and encourage your employees to do the same.

8. Accommodate New Needs

As the virus keeps throwing new obstacles your way, your business will only survive if you can adapt to the changes. A good place to start is to adjust your pricing and hours so that both your customers and employees feel like you support them. Doing this will help maintain your loyal clientele.

9. Donate Masks to Local Hospitals

Healthcare workers are on the forefront, working to fight the effects of the virus on our lives. As a company, you may not be able to join them in hospitals and medical centers. But you can do your part by donating PPE materials like gloves and masks, especially if you have some to spare.


The coronavirus pandemic might be yet to rear all its teeth and we don’t know what to expect in the future. However, at, we understand that the strongest businesses are those that adapt to the prevailing conditions. By following these guidelines, you can also ensure that your home services business keeps running during these uncertain times.

Sarah Jones is a home services professional at the premier messaging platform that connects contractors with ready-to-buy homeowners.

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