How Digital Marketing Tactics Reinforce Your Home Services Brand

Many small business owners often make the mistake of assuming that lead generation and branding are two different things when literally, they go hand in hand. When it comes to the world of home services, your client’s perceptions of your brand play a major role in determining the market value of your services. Additionally, investing in smart digital marketing strategies that help build credibility and trustworthiness in your band is crucial to the overall development of your Home Services Brand.

When your customers search for a local service business online, there are usually four common stages they have to go through:

  1. Problem awareness
  2. Customer attraction
  3. Action
  4. Retention

In this article, we as will help you fully understand what your customers are really looking for as they search for a suitable local service business and how you can better deliver touchpoints that may boost your business operations using Digital Marketing tactics.

1. Problem Awareness

1. Problem Awareness

The initial step into a potential customer’s journey is to be fully aware of the problem. For example, someone with water pouring out from underneath their kitchen sink. In such scenarios, the problem may require some research to get to an effective solution. There are also some cases where the customer is already aware of what is needed to deal with the problem, such as watching a YouTube tutorial on how to fix the broken pipes. In order for you to win their attention, the first step is to be in the right place and at the right time when they are looking for a solution.


In addition to being top of the Google results either in a paid or Local Services listing, there are other factors, such as digital marketing tactics, that are essential in building your reputation. You should concentrate on how your brand and markets will work together to boost your overall performance.

· Increase Brand Awareness

Studies have shown that the majority of consumers are more likely to pick a name that they are familiar with from paid search results. Therefore, investing in building awareness in strategic markets through social media platforms or display ads may help reinforce your Home Services Brand. You should also consider looking at the seasonality of your company to determine how you will spend your marketing budget.

· Display Your Reviews

Thanks to the Local Services by Google ad platform, most local home service businesses have been permitted to show Google genuine, pay-per-lead adverts to their prospective customers. These ads are highly targeted and affordable, but they display minimal information- meaning customers only see your name, Google review score and contact details.

· Be Consistent

Since every touchpoint with a client helps build your reputation, it is advisable to make sure that these touchpoints are connected and cohesive. Simply begin by creating design guidelines for your brand, they should show consistency everywhere your brand emerges.

2. Customer Attraction

2. Customer Attraction

Once your customers are fully aware of how to deal with the problem, they start searching for indicators that they should trust you to deliver. For example, a client searching for pest control services to eliminate bees can ask questions like; ‘’ What can I expect from your company?’’, ‘’Does your company service my area?’’ and ‘’Can I trust your company to get my problem fixed on the first attempt?’’

The more consistent your claims are, the more likely your customers will believe that your brand is legit, credible, and trustworthy. Currently, most customers verify your local business reputation before making a decision—this means you should:

  • Make sure that your local business listings are updated and reflective of your home services brand. This is important as most individual businesses are usually outranked in the organic results by review sites like HomeAdvisor or Yelp.
  • Share testimonials on social media or on your platform. Though it is not regarded as a customer review, it can bring a positive impact to your Home Services Brand. To learn which review sites to review and how you can generate additional attention, download ”The Complete Guide to Online Reviews.”
  • Showcase any of your industry affiliations or service awards on your website. This helps reinforce your leadership contribution to your industry or commitment to the community.

3. Action

3. Action

Lastly, every experience your clients share with your company determines their perceptions. For example, you can make a great first impression with successful digital marketing or simply delivering positive, smooth customer service. Doing this involves meeting the following needs:

1. Easy of Contact

An effective, conversion-focused website will make it easier for you to pass relevant information to your potential customers, informing them of your solutions and persuading them to choose your brand over a fellow competitor. However, if you fail to provide your customers with means of reaching out to you, you will lose them to your competitors and definitely damage your reputation.

2. Customer Experience Matching Customer Expectations

Once you have established a stable communication platform with your customer, the next step is to ensure that your customer service is fast and effective. The best way to ensure this is to invest your time and money into digital marketing tactics. However, if your customer service does not align with their expectations, you will end up losing out on business and tarnishing your Home Services Brand.

4. Retention

4. Retention

Though not considered the ”last stage” of a customer’s journey, the retention stage mainly focuses on delivering consistent results and communication that reinforces the lifetime value of your customer work relationships.

The most common mistake that business owners make when considering digital marketing is that they often concentrate on the common goal in business- to close a sale. But, the main role that digital marketing plays is to reinforce your brand, create similar businesses and maintain a stable customer base. Additionally, digital marketing helps support the retention stage by creating awareness on how your business can improve its services to a customer.

Other means of creating customer awareness include:

  • Using social media platforms to share snapshots of behind the scenes of the daily people, practices and efforts of your company does to deliver quality results to your customers.
  • Email marketing is an effective channel to share helpful guidelines with your community, share your story, or give attention to special offers or new services that are currently available.

In today’s market, happy and satisfied customers are the most effective branding and marketing tool. Furthermore, opting to utilize digital marketing to attract and promote the brand affinity of your loyal customers can play a major role in feeding awareness, action and attraction for other customers. Below are some of the other ways to attract future customers:

  • Promoting testimonials through various social media platforms.
  • Make it your and your staff’s daily practice to build your home services brand through improving customer experience.
  • Establishing a consistent strategy to attract new reviews from happy, satisfied customers.

Bottom Line

Good business branding is not only meant for major million-dollar businesses- but small enterprises can also make use of digital marketing tools to not only promote but also help reinforce their brand’s reputation. This will help establish a greater affinity with their intended markets. Furthermore, as you strive to grow your home service brand, remember to utilize several ways to combine your branding and digital marketing efforts to improve the general operation of your business.

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