How Home Service Providers Can Show Up Online and Increase Sales


In this digital age, the internet has become an essential aspect of every business. Read on to learn how home service providers can use the internet for the benefit of their business.

A business’s online presence can make all the difference in whether they grow or remain stagnant. With a significant online presence on all the right platforms, your business can attract more customers. Home service takes up $595 billion of the market; this is considerably large.

Home service is continuously growing, and as a home service provider, this is an excellent opportunity for your business. Home service encompasses home improvement, home maintenance, and home emergency. Home improvement takes up $376.9 billion of the $595 billion. Home maintenance and home emergency, on the other hand, take up $157.7 billion and $60.6 billion, respectively. The following tips will help you improve your online presence and grow your business.

1. Have a social media presence


Social media is a great way to connect with your potential clients. A large percentage of internet users, approximately 80%, have social network profiles. Social media can be an effective way to find new customers, but it is crucial to use the right platforms.

You need to find out the right social media platforms used by homeowners. Depending on your target audience’s age, the social media platforms they use will vary. Facebook has a large user base and is a great place to start.

It is just not enough to have a social media page; engaging with your followers is very important. You need to ensure that you promptly reply to comments and direct messages. Posting relevant content on your page is also very important. Clients will appreciate content that is helpful to them, for instance, ideas on saving money. You should ensure that your postings are regular to keep appearing on your potential client’s feed.


These tips will come in handy when you are trying to build your social media presence:

  • It is vital to have a strong presence on social media platforms. You can do this by increasing your posting on these platforms. Consistent and regular feed will aid in recognition of your business and will also help your business gain the trust of your followers.
  • Engagement is also very essential when building your presence on social networks. You should respond to social media promptly as you would respond to your client’s questions and concerns over a phone call or email. No comment or question should be left unanswered.
  • It is vital to provide transparent and concise information about your business on your social network. You should include the range of services you offer. Your social network should also make it easy for potential customers to book your services.
  • You can generate leads for your website by connecting them to your social networks. Customers who want to find out more about your business will want to visit your website. For this reason, ensure that you connect your social networks to your website.
  • Your posts should not only be promoting your business. You should post content that will come in handy for your potential clients. Such content is more likely to be shared and build your client list.

2. Make Use of Digital Advertising


Another great way of improving your online presence is through digital advertising. This form of advertising can either be through social media or search engines. Digital ads are a great way to tap into “near me” searches. Google searches for ‘near me services’ have increased by 500% in recent years. You want your business to pop up in such searches.

With digital advertising, you can target a specific audience. It is essential to have personal info about your audience. Details such as age, gender, location, and preferred social network will help ensure that you have a higher conversion rate.

The beauty of digital advertising is that you can measure the success of your ad campaign. It is essential to identify beforehand the specific metrics that you can use to measure this success. Conversions, click-through rates are some of the metrics you can use to measure success. Please note that some keywords for home services may cost over $40. Thus, ensure you do a comprehensive budget to have a successful ad campaign.

It is crucial to have a set-out plan on how you will go about your digital advertisement campaign. You will get a return on investment if you launch your digital ad campaign with a well-defined plan and budget.

3. Appear in Local Search Results


Most local searches will result in purchases within a day. Around 80% of all local mobile searches may result in purchases on the same day. If your website appears on the top three to five search results, you will capture more leads.

For your business to show up on the local search results, you must meet specific criteria. Your business reviews, relevance in terms of user’s search terms, location, and average star rating play a role in how businesses appear in the local search results and their rank. You can ensure that your business shows up in the local search results this way;

  • Your business should have a Google My Business listing. It is essential to ensure that your listing is updated. You should ensure that you include your hours, photos, location, website, phone number. All your information should be current. A working phone number is crucial as it enables quick communication.
  • It is important to have reviews. You should request your current customers to leave reviews. Unsatisfied and disappointed customers are mostly the ones who are eager to leave reviews. Therefore, it is vital to come up with a program of requesting reviews from your clients. More positive reviews and feedback will boost your ranking.
  • As much as a customer review request program would be helpful, it only works if you offer your customers excellent services. It would help if you worked on improving your business customer’s experience.
  • Get online reviews for every business location. Location-specific reviews are helpful when it comes to ‘near me’ searches.

A visible social media presence will help a home service provider grow the business profitably. It is essential that a business makes the transition and offer your clients the digital experience they seek.

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