6 Ideas for better Home Services Marketing

6 Ideas for better Home Services Marketing

The only way to make your home services business succeed in a highly competitive business environment is to get your marketing right. This guide should come in handy to help you achieve this goal.

The home services industry is without a doubt, competitive. That’s why you ought to use digital marketing to your advantage if you want your business to attain its highest potential. Your service may be top-notch, but if customers don’t know what you have to offer, then you won’t benefit.

Whereas some small business owners don’t see the need to utilize marketing, the reality is that digital marketing is necessary for all businesses, small and large. As much as you may want to rely a lot on word-of-mouth marketing, there is a clear need to take advantage of digital marketing strategies so as to get the most out of your business.

The good thing is that you won’t even need to put in hulky effort to get your strategies right. You only have to understand what your target market is and what you ought to do to reach your customers. And since you already provide quality services, it will be easier to get return customers once you create a bond with your new customers.

And with the power of feedback and reviews, it becomes possible to attract even more customers. That said, these 6 tips will come in handy when trying to market your home service business.

1. Refine your target audience

1. Refine your target audience

The number one thing that you have to do to get the most out of your marketing efforts is to identify your active customer base. In some cases, you might have a wide audience, but not every homeowner is purchasing your services. To ensure that you make the most of your client base, the best you can do is to identify the group of customers who engage with you the most.

It could be that your main customers are women or individuals of a specific age. In a similar manner, if your business mainly focuses on installing historically accurate home fixtures, you’d have to pay attention to homeowners who have historical homes.

You might think that narrowing it down to a specific group of customers will reduce the number of potential customers that are interested in your business, but that’s not the case. On the contrary, it will make it easier for you to focus on delivering the best services for your customers.

Make good use of market research and analysis to ensure that you are directing your marketing efforts to the right audience. It’s also a good idea to aim at the niches that exist for your business.

2. Put your SEO and Customer Communication skills to work

2. Put your SEO and Customer Communication skills to work

Once you have a perfect idea of who your ideal customer is, you will want to ensure that they can find you. To make that possible, it’s highly advisable to employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Using the right keywords on your website and social media platforms should score some points, but that’s not all. Reviews will also come in handy in helping you improve your SEO. You will want to focus on ensuring that you earn reviews on Yelp, Google, and home services-specific sites such as Thumbtack.


After your customers find you, there comes the need to ensure that they can easily establish contact with you. Here’s where you have to ensure that your contact pages are up to standard. In addition, your business listings on different directories and search engines should be up-to-date with all the contact information that makes it easier to reach you.

It’s also important to ensure that you have a fast and reliable way of responding to messages such as automatic preset messages that let your customers know that their message has been delivered successfully. And since your customers expect a reply as soon as possible, be sure to handle their requests promptly while using reliable methods such as web chats and texts.

3. Utilize digital marketing tools for better customer service

3. Utilize digital marketing tools for better customer service

Once you have your customers’ attention, you will want to ensure that they see the need to come back time after time. The best way to do this is to offer quality customer service while also offering your customers educative materials that enlighten them more about their home maintenance needs.

Publishing regular home maintenance posts on your website’s blog, sending home maintenance newsletters to your customers every season, as well as requesting customer feedback and sending home maintenance reminders via text are some great customer enlightenment ideas to start with.

Make sure to answer commonly asked questions in your FAQ section as well as through online chats. By doing all this, your customers will always think of your business whenever they need help from a service provider in your area of expertise.

For better effectiveness, you can use an interactive platform like Podium to manage your customer interactions better. By using a platform that allows you to do lots of things such as respond to concerns, answer questions, and schedule appointments, and more, all in one place, it becomes easier to manage your customers.

This means that you never have to miss a customer’s request or feedback text message, ever again. And what a way this is to enhance your customer service to ensure that all your clients are happy.

4. Gather feedback and reviews from customers

4. Gather feedback and reviews from customers

While you can never underestimate the power of personal referrals, they should not take the central place of your business plan. You have to include customer feedback, online reviews, and testimonials in your marketing strategy. While at it, make sure to look at the easiest ways of collecting such reviews and customer feedback so that it’s easy and less time consuming for your staff.

A majority of potential customers always prefer to have a look at reviews before hiring a business. They simply want to know whether they can bank on the business to handle their home service needs. As such, you want to make sure that you earn lots of positive reviews for your business so that customers can appreciate what they will find online after searching for reviews.

One of the best ways to earn such positive reviews is to seek feedback and reviews from your customers after serving them. Luckily, there are automated systems such as Podium that make this easier.

In addition to helping you enhance your online reputation, reviews and feedbacks make it possible to run your business in a smarter manner, with a proper understanding of real, up-to-date customer experiences. And with an automated platform like Podium, it becomes even easier and more effective to gather all the information that you need.

With such a platform, you can have a reliable summary of customer satisfaction, employee performance, and even general business processes. It is such information that you then use to improve your overall marketing strategy.

5. Tune cross-platform communications

5. Tune cross-platform communications

While communicating with customers online seems like an easy task, it can be Herculean if there are lots of communication platforms involved. That’s in consideration that you have to handle the messages on each platform individually while keeping track of communication history.

To avoid the complications that would come with such an approach, it would be more advisable to use an online database in combination with a communications solution that consolidates the different communication platforms that your business uses. That way, it will be easier to manage your business’s communication data without putting in too much effort or risking having lower customer satisfaction rates.

It’s especially highly advisable to employ as much cross-platform communication and automation as possible. With these, it becomes easier for your business’s staff to provide top quality services consistently regardless of their location, which is important if you have employees who have to work remotely.

Making good use of cross-platform communications as well as automation also facilitates effective communication between managers and service technicians. That way, the management team can deploy service providers in an organized and more timely manner. To add to that, employees can always keep customers updated in case of any arrival time changes or rescheduled appointments.

6. Make it all about your business Be yourself

6. Make it all about your business: Be yourself

It’s always good to bear in mind that while every business is different, the end goal of marketing for every home services business is to gain new customers while retaining the ones that you’ve already won. But since customers want to understand why you are a better option as opposed to other businesses of a similar kind, they will always look up your business online to quench their curiosity. If they don’t find you, they’ll sadly try a different business.

To avoid such a scenario, you should consider enhancing your online reputation with testimonials, reviews, an easy-to-use and functional website, online resources, and fresh business profiles. Keep in mind that once you’ve created a connection with customers, the only thing that remains is nurturing and maintaining the relationship.

Achieving such goals should be pretty easy as long as you stay organized and reachable whenever customers require assistance from you whether, via online chats, text messaging, and additional marketing technologies. And by using software like Podium that consolidates your business goals, you can simplify your marketing even further.

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