Increase Your Home Services Visibility Online—Improve Your Search Ranking

Learn how improving your search ranking can increase the brand visibility of your home services business.

When homeowners search online for businesses offering home services, they often don’t have a particular company in mind. They usually rely on search results to find a company offering services such as appliance repair, HVAC, carpet cleaning, electrical services, among others.

Approximately 75% of all clicks in the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP) occur in the top 3-5 search results. You can boost your home services visibility by ensuring that your landing page appears at the top of the list.

You can achieve this by utilizing search optimization strategies, which can be paid or organic. Home services companies that use paid ads spend over $100 per lead. On the other hand, organic options can cost a minimal amount if you stick to the right strategy.

You can increase your home services’ online visibility and enhance your search ranking by following these proven methods:

Utilize Google My Business Listing


You can turn people who find you on Google Search and Maps into new leads with a free Google My Business Account. The account helps you set up your home services profile on the Google My Business listing. All you need to do is claim your business listing on Google My Business, update the details and maintain the company profile as your business grows.

If you have several branches in different locations, you can increase your visibility by using location-based search results. There has been a 500% increase in the number of online users searching for the phrase “_____near me.” Searches for home services have proven that location-based searches can play a pivotal role in boosting your online brand. The following home services search stats support this finding:

  • Searches for landscaping services have increased by 65%
  • HVAC repairs services searches have increased by 20%
  • Searches for plumbers have gone up to 288%
  • Searches for roofing services providers are up by 107%


You may be wondering, how do I get started with the Google My Business listing? The process is straightforward: ensure you have a google account and create your business listing through Google My Business or via Google Maps.

If you already have a Google My Business listing, claim your business profile and update your business information. Such information may include website URL, business hours, business location address, services, and share some photos of your products and office, among others. If you have several storefronts, share the images for each storefront.

Respond to Google Reviews


I bet you are already asking yourself, “Now that I have verified and listed my business with Google, what next?” Well, after you create or claim your business listing, develop a strategy to read customer reviews and respond to their questions as they post them online. Research has shown that 97% of people who read business reviews also consider how businesses respond to the reviews.

A positive review can boost your brand and increase sales. However, a negative review can have a devastating effect on the reputation of your business. Respond to all comments publicly. When a customer posts a negative review, check with your team to confirm that the complaint is genuine, apologize publicly, and follow up on the issue privately. If the customer’s complaint is solved successfully, you can request them post another review indicating that you resolved it.

Increase your total review count


A dissatisfied customer is more likely to leave a review (often negative) than a satisfied customer (who would have left a positive review). Do not let unhappy customers pull down your brand; take charge of your business’s public image! Ask your customers to leave a review. 72% of those customers will likely accept to leave a comment for each of your home services business locations.

Request your customers to review your services on a channel they are most likely to respond to. It is estimated that Americans spend at least four hours per day on their phones, and 90% of customers prefer to text a business than use other traditional methods such as sending an email. These statistics partly explain why texting has an average open rate of 99% while conventional methods have an open rate of 20%.

Text your customers throughout their customer journey to increase the average response rate. Request them to review your business on Google post- purchase. This method will help boost your online brand visibility, enhance your customers’ trust and confidence in your company.

Improve your overall average star rating


Google provides reviewers with a star rating system, with the lowest rating being one and the highest five. A customer can use the star rating to give a rated impression of how they interacted with your business.

A higher rating can increase your leads and sales and boost growth in the long run. Your customers’ experience determines how they rate your business. You can enhance your customer experience by applying the best practices in each of the customer journey stages. These stages include:

Stage 1: Discovery

Create and boost your online brand visibility and awareness. You can achieve this by creating a website, using social media accounts and pages, listing with online yellow pages and other online and local directories. Ensure that you maintain the uniformity of your brand on all the online platforms.

Stage 2: First Contact

When customers see your business online, they may want to connect with you. Ensure that you provide customers with a number they can text in the Google My Business Listing. Also, include an accurate address of your business. You can even register the number on WhatsApp for more accessible communication and sharing details such as sample images of what they want.

Stage 3: Website Visit

When customers visit your website and familiarize themselves with your home services, they will likely contact you. Offer several methods through which customers can contact you, such as live web chat, contact form, email address, or connect them with your social media platforms.

Stage 4: Purchase

Provide your customers with a payment method that is easy to understand and use. Paying for the goods or services shouldn’t be a hustle. You can integrate with Fintech companies to help you automate the issuance of instant online invoices and facilitate seamless payment.

Stage 5: Follow-up

The best way to know that a customer is satisfied with your goods or services is by getting feedback. While referrals are a great indicator of positive feedback, an NPS survey can provide an in-depth customer experience analysis. Ensure that you conduct the survey using means that are easily accessible and familiar to the user.


Advancement in online technologies enables businesses with online visibility to market and sell their products and services with a few clicks of a button. It has also revolutionized how people search online for home services businesses and make a purchase. 40% of customers who search and contact a home service company make a purchase. To reap these benefits, show up where customers are searching.

The bottom line is, you can improve the visibility and increase the search ranking of your home services company. You can achieve this by increasing your review count, improving your average star rating, and claiming your local business listings.

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