HomeService results speak for themselves. 

But don’t take it from us – take it from these roofing business owners…


    Ed swapped $100 leads from Home Advisor (leads which had also been shared with other roofers) for exclusive $22 leads from people who actually wanted to buy a new roof. 


    Justin’s lead cost fell by 75% – but business revenue more than doubled from $1.25 million per year to $2.8 million.


    Austin’s turnover is up over 600% – and he achieved this in just a couple of months. Austin strongly advises you to get on this offer right now – and reap the same rewards. 

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The key message from our clients is clear:

Once your business is no longer a start-up, scaling becomes increasingly difficult.  

Google ads, Angi, Home Advisor, billboards, referrals, mailshots and generic social media ads… 

For ambitious companies these channels work less well over time. In the end, they create more problems than they solve. 

We’ve achieved outstanding revenue improvements for medium and large roofing companies. 

And we’ve done this for residential roofers who’ve used ‘lead gen’ agencies for years… 

… and who believed that pushing up revenues would always be a slow, painful process. 

We specialise in roofing sales. It’s all we do and we’re really good at it. 

And that’s why our clients are delighted with the results of working with us. 

We work with particular businesses according to strict criteria. Do you qualify?

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Build your roofing business around high-quality, low-cost leads

The Basic Numbers

Our campaign is based on targeted Facebook ads and a strict lead qualification process. 

You’re not getting just contact details. You’re getting quality leads who have booked a roof inspection appointment  that you are going to fulfil. 

Your ad costs are paid for a hundred times over. Here’s how your costs are calculated:

In a given month you’ll spend a certain number of dollars (you decide how many) on our targeted Facebook ads and qualification process. 

For those dollars, you’ll get leads. Some of those leads will convert into appointments and some of those appointments will convert into sales. 

So if you spend $5000 and get 50 leads, from which you get 15 appointments and then 5 sales that’s 

  • $100 per lead ($5000 divided by 50)
  • $330 per appointment ($5000 divided by 15)
  • $1000 per sale ($5000 divided by 5)

These are fairly standard averages for US roofing firms. 

HomeService costs are significantly below industry averages

Our Facebook ads are precisely targeted.  Which means they’re seen by an audience of people most likely to buy a new roof. 

When someone clicks on the ad we qualify them to ensure they’re serious about their roof. We ask them for information and contact details. 

And we require them to book a roof inspection appointment with you using an online calendar that we set up. 

Which means we give you consistently high-value leads within these much better price ranges:

Cost Per Lead

We get leads for you in the $10-$30 range

For roofing industry leads you can easily pay – you may already be paying – $120 – $200 per lead. Too many of them will be people who are just curious, seeking information. Worse, these leads aren’t even exclusively yours as they’re being sold to multiple roofing companies.

Cost Per Appointment

Our appointment costs usually range between $30 and $100

Whereas working with poor quality leads means your conversion rates are much lower. Because for the same spend you get fewer appointments. 

Which is why roofing appointments typically cost $300 or more – and you spend thousands of dollars in salaries chasing these junk leads. 

Cost Per Sale

On average, our clients get a new roofing sale for between $100 and $350. 

This is the key number – it’s the actual cost to you of a new customer. This range is also about one-third of the industry average. And it’s this number on which so many of our clients have built a substantial new level of income.

What The Numbers Mean To You

The ‘cost per sale’ is really where you will realise the full Homeservice value. 

Imagine your company being offered a reliable flow of new, paying customers at between $100 and $350 each… 

Could you expand your business on that? 

Can you handle a customer waiting list if demand for your roofing products exceeded your ability to service it?

What would your business plans be – expansion, employee numbers, premises, location, economies of scale and so on – once your sales pipeline was reliably full of paying customers?

We’ve watched dozens of our roofing clients build businesses beyond their dreams on this basis.

If we can do it for you then we will.

Make The Decision – See The Difference

Our entire approach has been developed, built and refined since 2017 when we first started working with roofing businesses. 

That approach is now a proven sales generator in over 500 campaigns across 37 US states. 

Which means that once you ask us to carry out your lead generation your commercial situation changes noticeably. 

Here’s what stops happening when we work together:

  • you stop getting large numbers of leads that are 50% or more from people who are ‘just looking’ (known as ‘junk leads’)
  • you no longer spend hundreds of hours – and thousands of dollars in salaries – pursuing people who really weren’t going to buy anyway
  • you also stop paying industry-high costs for junk leads

And here’s what starts happening instead:

  • leads arrive with initial inspection appointments already booked
  • your sales team finds they’re calling people who are expecting their call and actually want to talk to them
  • your conversion rates (from lead to paying customer) are noticeably and consistently higher
  • your sales costs are noticeably and consistently lower
  • you have to start making new decisions about how to handle an increase in sales, where to find new employees to install the roofs – and maybe whether your current premises are capable of supporting your new commercial reality…

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