3 Essential Features of Review Management Software

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There have been many advancements in the online marketing world. This has been made possible by the internet, which has completely altered the way businesses attract clients and market their products. For example, these days, before a potential customer visits your website or lands on your storefront, they have already formed an impression of your business based on your online reviews. Therefore, all online businesses need to maintain a good reputation.

That said, how can you collect good reviews about your business? Well, there are numerous ways to make positive reviews part of your marketing strategy, and review management software is the most streamlined and efficient one.

Here at HomeService.co, we help you learn how to use review management software to boost your sales and raise your local SEO ranking.

Why Do You Need Review Management Software?


1. Building Your Reputation

In the past, most customers, over 80%, relied on oral recommendations from their friends and family. Nowadays, all they need is one quick Google search to know more about your business. If you have good reviews, you will have acquired new customers but, if the reviews are poor, any of your potential clients will not have a second look at what your business has to offer and probably seek a different alternative. With review management software, you will be able to collect all the good reviews from all of your clients.

2. Saving Time

In most cases, business owners prefer utilizing several platforms and systems to improve their sales. However, this tends to make communication difficult between the owner and the clients, resulting in bad online reviews. With the review management software, you can answer all of your customer’s questions, send reminders, collect reviews, schedule appointments, and get immediate feedback from them.

3. Improving Your SEO Ratings

If you are part of the brick-and-mortar business, you certainly are aware of the importance of a local SEO to your business. The main function of a local SEO is to take proximity on how close a potential customer is to your store. Having review management software will not only improve your business’s local SEO ranking but also ensure Google sees your business as an important resource for your community.


How Do You Find the Best Review Management Software for Your Business?

Review Top Features

Generally, most review management programs come with several features that are usually different from any other software. Therefore, you should compare the features in all the different review management programs. The site Capterra gives you a side-by-side comparison of the features that will help you easily compare each software and find the one that perfectly meets your needs.

Although each company has its unique features, most review management software platforms provide some of the basic functions that might help meet most of your business requirements. They include:

1. Dashboard

The key function of a dashboard is to display any vital information on your main page so that you can spend less time navigating throughout the platform. However, there are some software that come with all the features and tools but lack a dashboard. This often makes it difficult to navigate through different pages on your platform as you try to locate what you need. It is advisable to leave your dashboards clean and organized to enable you to use any software easily.

2. Multi-Channel Collection and Filtering

With the best review management software, you will be able to gather all the authentic customer reviews from numerous sites like Facebook, Houzz, HomeAdvisor, and Google. Once all these reviews are collected in one place, it will be very easy to filter and respond, leaving you with the feedback necessary to improve your business operations.

3. Analytics

Having access to analytics will help you know where you rank among your competitors, achieve your review goals, identify current trends, and monitor your business growth. On the other hand, without access to analytics, you will not be able to gather the information that will help you improve the overall functioning of your business.

4. Unified Inbox

A suitable review management software should consist of a unified inbox that allows you to view all your messages from any channel onto a single platform. It also helps make the communication between you and clients to be quick and seamless.

5. Feedback

Feedback plays a very vital role in improving your service or product. Therefore, you are advised to check if your review management system allows you to collect feedback from your customers.


Listen to Your Customers

Most business owners often believe that having an appealing storefront, a well-organized website, or a persuasive salesperson is enough to attract their customers. However, this is usually not the case, as nowadays most customers prefer checking what other customers are saying about your business.

Therefore, when looking for the best review management software for your business, you should first consider the pros and cons that your customers mention. What are their opinions about the design of your store, your customer service, and the ease of use?

It is also advisable to check out Facebook and Google- where you will have access to hundreds of customer reviews that will leave you with an accurate evaluation of your software.

Talk to Experts

Another alternative to finding the perfect review management software for your business is to consult experts. You can start by finding out what they think about your software. Do they have a positive perception of your business and its future?

You should also look out for articles on the software you are considering. You can visit sites like G2Crowd and Capterra, where they will not only help you make a better decision on which review management software to consider but also give you a general view of what each platform has to offer. This includes the price and ease of use.

Grow Your Business Today

In addition to helping you collect more customer reviews, review management software helps increase your local SEO ranking, improve your reputation, and save time by creating a quick and streamlined communication between you and your customers. Additionally, review management software makes the transaction process easier and more fun for both you and the customer, leading to great reviews!

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